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Bessie McManus

BARJ Coordinator


After spending most of my life in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, I've happily planted roots in "the big city" of Burlington. I am a work in progress challenging myself to put my values into practice; right now, I'm resisting individualism in favor of everything in me that says community care is rooted in interdependence. I'm fortunate enough to have done some pretty cool things work-wise: hung around at a youth drop-in center, provided support to those affected by domestic violence, and facilitated a mentor-in-training curriculum for high schoolers. My heart is in youth justice work— I love supporting young people in reaching and reflecting on the big-picture-ah-hah! moments related to their passions, experiences, and place in the community because I think the ah-hah! moments invigorate us and define our ever-evolving trajectories. Apart from all that, I love spending time with my pup, Eleanor, recharging in the outdoors, learning to roller skate, and searching for the best eggs benedict in Vermont (and next: the world).


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